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BEWITCHED! Returns THIS Saturday 10/30

I hope to see you all THIS Saturday evening (6 to 9:30 pm) for my outdoor vintage Halloween party Bewitched! Outdoor Halloween Dance Party at the World Famous Kenton Club

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Why did I choose to name this party after the tv show Bewitched? If you haven't watched it much, Bewitched was an anti-discrimination 1960s tv show, way ahead of its time. The makers of the show deliberately inserted messages about the evils of stereotyping and exploiting minorities, and the harm caused by being forced to keep your true self closeted. It was the #1 show in the country for years, meaning their message of inclusiveness & embracing your inner-magic reached millions.

During my prep for the party I came across this video about the gay coding in the show. Check it out, and I look forward to seeing you out on the patio dance floor soon!

PS. I've also brewed a new mystical Halloween radio special for KMHD to air this Thursday (10/28). It's sure to get you in the spirit of the season!

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