I've had a few requests to publicly post the series of radio shows I've recently made featuring inspirational music. Due to OPB policy, I'm unable to post recordings of my show, HOWEVER what I can do I post a mix of the music I played without my voice. SO, I've put together an abridged version of the most recent show I made which was songs of HOPE, Determination, & Inspiration. It's "Movement Music".

If you find this music inspiring, please donate to The Movement 4 Black Lives.

My hope is entirely dependent on people like you & me standing up & taking action in whatever ways we can. PLEASE let us all keep HOPE alive by fighting off tyranny & working for monumental transformation.

Dance Workout for Sheltering

Stuck indoors and going stir crazy?

Need an activity? Try dancing!


Presenting a well-paced, 1 hour vintage dance workout filled with the kind of gritty grooves you enjoy at my Club Nitty Gritty Dance Party in Portland, Oregon: 1950s R&B, early soul, mod jazz, popcorn R&B, mambo, Latin Soul, etc!

ENJOY, and I can't wait until we can share the same dance floor once again!


I'm so inspired and impressed with the commitment and bravery of all of the folks out there taking a stand right now! THANK YOU!


I'm all fired up, and I'd like to offer this mix of songs and voices of the Civil Rights Movement.  These are songs of solidarity, some blatantly political messages, some of them veiled messages.  All of them songs from the past that meet the spirit of the present moment.


If you enjoy this mix, instead of tipping me, I ask you to make a donation to The Black Resilience Fund "an opportunity for non-Black allies to support the resilience of Black people in our very own community."

In Need of a Barn for Dancing

This is a sample set I put together for a proposed barn dance I was hoping to throw in October.

Hittin' the Floor Like It's 2004

Though the crisis was different and not as "all encompassing", the post-9/11 era of the early 2000s were an anxiety-filled, depression-producing time for many. Musicians responded by producing more dance-oriented music to lift people's spirits.  DJs like me responded by spinning those songs on the dance floor! As more and more young people embraced dancing as their favorite past time, I took the opportunity to try to introduce them to the kind of vintage dance records that inspired the new music coming out at the time.


Since we're all in the midst of another crisis, this time of a more confining nature, I thought I'd create the kind of dance mix I you may have heard if you had come to see me spin in the clubs of 2004. Here you will find a mixture of tunes from the late 1960s, the 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, and early 2000s.  It's funny to realize that now ALL of these tunes are "vintage".


I hope you find you hips swaying and you booty bumpin' as you listen to this mix.


Soul for Stoners

I believe I made this mix when weed was legalized in Oregon. Psych soul, trippy tunes

Feelin' Alright: Soul & Blues LP Happy Hour Mix

Vintage soul and blues music for hanging out!

Moon Landing Mix - aka - dj action slacks blasts off

Space Jazz, R&B, Soul - commemorating the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing.

We'll start out on Planet Earth listening to mid century tunes celebrating the mystical and romantic powers of the moon. Then we'll blast off into outer space as the trippy, futuristic electronic psych-soul, funky-jazz sounds of the 60s & 70s transport us to other worlds. Because it's always fun listening to yesterday's version of "the future".

As we reflect on the most celebrated scientific accomplishment of humankind, let's turn our attention to harnessing our talents to address the challenges we face in the "future world" reality we're experiencing today. Because, "if we can put a man on the moon", we SHOULD be able to re-imagine a reality in which racism & bigotry are not deeply entrenched in our societal system.

The Grand Soul Opry

Country & Western meets Rhythm & Blues - I spent five years seeking out records specifically to be able to dedicate an entire night to celebrating the intersections of these seemingly different genres.

Tina Stay Strong Mix.jpg
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