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My motivation for becoming a DJ was to help foster a greater appreciation of the R&B musicians who built the foundation of American music. I grew up in an era in which the contributions of these musical pioneers were not often acknowledged and were rarely celebrated in mainstream society.  I wanted to help change that .


Over time, my mission expanded. Beginning with community radio and throughout my career, I’ve worked towards connecting communities and giving voice to underrepresented factions of our population. In recent years I’ve implemented this mission as an event producer, using entertainment not only to delight my event guests, but to also bind intersecting communities, raise awareness of social causes, intertwining social justice, history, broadcasting, cultural preservation, and fundraising for local nonprofits.



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My “thing” is community & congregation - Gathering people with the purpose of helping others experience togetherness, camaraderie, & a sense of belonging.

I'm known for my extensive vintage ascot collection,

colorful stage decor & outfits, and of course, SLACKS.

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Based in Portland, Oregon, I'm a selector of records, a conductor of grooves.  As a volunteer, I host a weekly radio show Saturdays on featuring vintage soul, R&B, blues, and jazz. However, I am best known for my inclusive live dance parties. I'm a DJ for EVERYONE and at my events I'm committed to spinning mostly vinyl 45s with few exceptions. Familiar favorites and rarities. 

My roots are in the MIGHTY MIDWEST and I'm proud of it!  Don't get me started on fried cheese curds because I can talk about that gooey goodness all the live-long day! I migrated to the great Pacific Northwest in 1994 where I collided and collaborated with the punk rock DIY scene of Olympia, Washington.

I've been actively producing events in Portland since 2010.

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I specialize in producing Portland "soul night" parties. However, these days I refer to the mixture of music I play as "Rhythm & Grooves". I pull from a variety of genres as long as it has a groove.  

I've also put on some well-loved oldies and classic country events as well. Some of my most popular dance parties over the years have been Sugar Town Queer Soul Dance Party, Club Nitty Gritty Vintage R&B Dance Party, an annual tribute to the ladies of classic country music, Respected Ladyland: Annual Celebration of the women midcentury music-makers, Atomic Blast Oldies Dance Party,  Bewitched Halloween Dance Party, and Sno-Ball: Vintage Soul Holiday Party

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