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Introducing the Dj Action Slacks Dance Hall of Flame!

Announcing my latest & most important (to me) project - The launch of "The DJ Action Slacks Dance Hall of Flame" at Club Nitty Gritty next weekend (Nov 4).

Along with spinning other vintage red-hot rhythm 'n' grooves for your dancing pleasure, I'll be inducting 9 artists into my Dance Hall of Flame. This is my way of formally acknowledging the musicians & recording artists who have repeatedly ignited my dance floors.

This project is a result of my visit to the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame earlier this year. While it was really cool to see some of the artifacts they had on display, it was also heartbreaking to notice how many folks were omitted or poorly represented.

I spent a lot of time thinking about how this could be corrected. Upon reflection, I realize that if those in charge of the Rock Hall actually wanted to be inclusive, they would've already righted what's wrong. Also, it's kind of ridiculous to rank the importance of musicians based on influence because, as most of us know, some folks get/got greater exposure because of certain advantages (see the payola scandal for just one example).

So, rather than wasting time & energy trying to get the powers-that-be to sway towards reluctantly doing the right thing, I'd rather focus on shining my own spotlight (tiny as it may be) on the music-makers who've delivered joy to my dance floor.

As I quickly approach the conclusion of my 3rd decade (& final era) of DJing, it feels very important to me to officially express my gratitude to these entertainers who have often been under-celebrated by the mainstream. Going forward, I'll be inducting multiple artists at most of my Kenton Club dance parties.

The party guests who attend these events will receive trading cards for each of these artists to take home so you remember their names. These cards will ONLY be available at these events & I'll have a limited supply so, the earlier you arrive at the party, the better. I hope you'll try to collect them all.

OK! Now go mark your calendars for Nov 4th & join me at the Kenton Club to dance & celebrate my first group of inducted artists: the Shirelles, the Bobbettes, Della Reese, Sugar Pie DeSanto, Kay Starr, Shirley and Lee, La Lupe, Esther Phillips, and Big Mama Thornton. ALL WOMEN inductees - just to demonstrate to the Rock Hall that it's really not difficult to find MANY women who are worthy of celebration.

DJ Action Slacks Dance Hall of Flame, Shirelles, the Bobbettes, Della Reese, Sugar Pie DeSanto, Kay Starr,   Shirley and Lee, La Lupe, Esther Phillips, Big Mama Thornton
The first group of music makers will be inducted on November 4th at the World Famous Kenton Club

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