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Thank you Mr Dozier

This is probably the most famous photo of Holland-Dozier-Holland. Lamont Dozier is at the piano, the Holland brothers standing. As a 1980s pre-teen I fell in love with the music of 1960s Motown, and especially the Supremes. My Uncle Steve generously allowed me to borrow his Supremes LP collection. Back in the pre-smartphone days, many of us (especially kids) would put on a record, lay back, or in my case as a kid, lay on the floor on my belly, and pour over the back of an LP cover - Reading the liner notes, lyrics (if available) and examining the photos. I would also sometimes practice drawing by attempting to draw the photos of the artists on the cover. This entire practice helped to build a stronger emotional attachment to the music and the physical LP itself. So everytime I see this iconic photo of HDH (this one from the back of my own copy of The Supremes "I Hear a Symphony" LP that I've had since the 1980s) it kind of takes me home, back to the heart of my interminable love of records and music. Motown was shrewd about marketing their story, so they put a spotlight on Holland-Dozier-Holland, making them stars along with the performers of their music, something rarely done for record producers prior to that. That's why the first thing I learned about the Supremes is that most of their big hits were written by HDH and produced by Holland-Dozier. In that way, Holland-Dozier-Holland were probably the first songwriting team and production team I ever became aware of in my journey into the world of music nerdery. Because Motown chose to highlight the creatives who wrote and produced the music, removing the curtain so-to-speak, Holland-Dozier-Holland are my launchpad to learning about the behind-the-scenes action involved in making records. They are near and dear to my heart, hugely inspiring a lifelong mission to attempt to foster a greater awareness and appreciation of soul music and it's involvement in shaping American history. I lovingly bid you farewell and safe travels to your next destination Mr Dozier. Thanks for the music

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