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Yes, I am a graphic designer too!

I do things other than DJ!

I've designed my first LP cover (front & back)! Check this goal off the bucket list (although I'd love to do more)! It's scheduled to be released on VINYL in the autumn.

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The VINYL version of The Get-Together will be released in the autumn of 2023

I couldn't have been blessed with a better collaborator for my debut in this field.

As Red Yarn, Andy Ferguson is a bright star in the world of Kids Music, crafting infectious tunes born out of his passion for American roots music. But Andy is much more than a musician, he's maybe one of the hardest-working all-around creative people I've ever met. I often wonder how he finds the time to sleep.

There's much I can say about Andy and his dynamic multifaceted medium of entertaining. However, I'd like to focus on this specific upcoming album and why I'm so honored to have been invited to contribute to the project.

On "The Get-Together" Andy drew inspiration from records released during the age of early rock n roll of the 1950s and early 1960s. He brilliantly employs the sounds of that era to deliver messages of togetherness, compassion, cooperation, hope, unity, and joy. Most importantly (IMHO) is his underlying message to the next generation: Make a considerable effort to understand people who are different from you or have a different background from you.

These are the lessons we so badly need to be teaching our children in order to ensure a brighter future.

This album was an impressive undertaking for Andy, and I'm so impressed with the musical results. It's like if Sun Records, Stax Records, and 1960s Roy Orbison recorded a kids record in modern times. "The Get-Together" so brilliantly captures not only Andy's motivation behind his art, but it also represents a bit of mine - To contribute towards making the world a more hospitable place for EVERYONE.

For the cover design Andy

asked me to create something in the style of my Club Nitty Gritty posters that would feature most (if not all) of the guest artists on the album. I hope I did them all justice, because this is an incredible amassment of talent.

I can't wait for this entire album to be released, but for now you can find the title track at this link

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