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XRAY.FM is the New Home of Travlin' the Tracks

I'm pleased as punch to announce that my former KMHD radio show “Travlin' the Tracks” is moving to (91.1 fm & 107.1 fm) beginning SATURDAY, June 10 at 3 pm, between my friends the Wayward Girls & Freaky Outty ❤

DJ Action Slacks, Portland Vintage Vinyl DJ
Travlin' the Tracks with DJ Action Slacks - Saturdays 3 to 4 pm on XRAY.FM

This has been a long time coming, & I've been told more than once that many people seem to think my show has been on XRAY all along 😂. I'm honored to finally be a part of the XRAY community. Speaking of community, it feels gratifying to be joining a radio team dedicated to actually serving the COMMUNITY. That aligns with my motivations for making radio in the first place, and it never sat right with me when I was asked to make more generic programing. I think radio shines it's brightest when its light is pointed towards a specific region. That said, I'll begin by submitting archive episodes of my show, & hopefully I'll eventually have time to produce fresh episodes once again.

The other good news about this is that XRAY houses episode archives for streaming, so you can stream my show at any time you want! So if you miss hearing me on Thursdays or Fridays you can just play my archives on those nights. FINALLY! WOOOOO!

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