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There's A Place for Us

THIS evening on KMHD Travlin' the Tracks with DJ Action Slacks Every FRIDAY Evening 6 to 8 pm! 89.1 fm in #Portland stream it live at (8 pm central, 9 pm eastern)

I actually produced this episode back in December after the passing of Stephen Sondheim (who famously wrote the lyrics for West Side Story). The Speilberg version was receiving a lot of attention at the time as well, and I found myself reflecting on the song Somewhere (There's A Place for Us) and other songs of the era with a similar theme of the hope & determination to obtain illusive societal acceptance and freedom to be oneself SOMEWHERE.

I've chosen to broadcast this episode now because of the growing societal backlash against trans people. However, it appears this week is also well-timed for this episode after a United States senator suggested that allowing interracial relationships was a bad idea. This era we're living through is filled with constant attacks on individual freedoms, and a bolstered effort to keep people who've been traditionally marginalized out of political power, and living on the fringes of society.

This episode is a celebration of those who have pushed back, and continue to push forward. May we all find such fortitude.

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