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Return to Respected Ladyland!

Thursday, MARCH 25th

7 to 9 pm (Pacific Time)

89.1 fm in #Portland

STREAM it live at (9 pm Central, 10 pm Eastern)

Hi Friends! SPRING IS PRETTY MUCH HERE and I'm in a celebratory mood. Perhaps it's because we've been living under a figurative storm cloud for so many years, but I'm feeling restless as a willow in a windstorm (I borrowed that line from Oscar Hammerstein). In light of this, I've got a few spring-themed radio shows coming up during April on KMHD including a SPRING WING DING Dance Party! But before I get to all of that, WE NEED TO CLOSE OUT WOMEN'S HISTORY MONTH! So, tonight (March 25) we'll travel the tracks BACK to Respected Ladyland to listen to MORE of my favorite vintage vocalists from soul, R&B, blues, and jazz. I based the poster for this episode on the film poster for Return from Witch Mountain, a classic 1970s children's movie about a brother & sister who have secret supernatural powers. The sister has more powers because "she is a girl." However, my primary reason for choosing to reference witches is that too often powerful women have been vilified or scapegoated, which is why in recent years the term "witch" has been reclaimed by outspoken women seeking social justice. On tonight's episode you'll hear the women whose voices I've turned to over the years when I've needed inspiration and comfort. All of the women featured on tonight's show have left enough of a catalog of music to fill at least one LP. So, if you're looking for singers to add to your playlist, this may be a good place to find some new favorites. You'll hear a mixture of well-known stars and lesser known should-have-been stars. And remember, if you're unable to listen live, you can always access my archive of select radio episodes by becoming my Patreon Patron.

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