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Movin' to Friday Evenings on KMHD!

Hello My Friends & Supporters! I have some significant news - - - -> KMHD has determined that Travlin' the Tracks may be a better fit for Friday evenings (immediately following The Boomer's show). So, starting THIS WEEK (2/11) fresh episodes of Travlin' the Tracks can be heard each Friday (6 to 8 pm PST on 89.1 fm). Stream it live at (8 pm Central, 9 pm Eastern) I am incredibly grateful for the support you've given me on Thursdays for the past (nearly) 4 years! I know my program has become part of some people's Thursday night routine (at least that's what you've told me). I hope that you can travel the tracks with me to my new timeslot (6 to 8 pm on Fridays) and allow me to help you kick off your weekends each week! To entice you to follow me, I've put together 8 fresh episodes for your listening pleasure, and I hope to keep that up into the coming months. Your support (both as a listener and financially at my Patreon patron) is key to keeping my show on the air, and I want to thank you in advance for all that you bring to the table each week. As I've said in the past so many times, it's the COMMUNITY in community radio that I love the most! Getting to know you is the best part of this. So, please keep listening and sending your questions! And ps. it wouldn't hurt to let KMHD know that you're a Travlin' the Tracks listener too.

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