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March 4th - Girl Group A-Go-Go: Radio Dance Party on KMHD

It's time for another one of my KMHD Radio Dance Parties! Since I can't throw my annual RESPECT dance party (celebrating the women of vintage soul) this year, I thought I'd do something similar virtually. However, this dance party will feature records from the Golden Era of Girl Groups (1955-1975)!

You'll hear from the Vandellas, the Shangri-Las, the Shirelles, Honey & the Bees, the Marvelettes, the Chantels, the Bobbettes,the Ronettes, and lots more! And we'll bid farewell to girl group legend Mary Wilson of the Supremes.

Girl Groups A-Go-Go Radio Dance Party on KMHD, DJ Action Slacks Portland Soul DJ
Girl Groups A-Go-Go Radio Dance Party on KMHD

THURSDAY, March 4th

7 to 9 pm (Portland time)

89.1 fm

stream it live at

Get ready to shimmy, shake, and hully gully with me!

It's Been a Year Since the Shut Down of the Society We Once Knew

Portland_Post-Pandemic Dance Party, DJ Action Slacks Portland Soul DJ
I started setting aside 45s to play at the first post-pandemic dance party I throw. I started it in April 2020. It's still waiting

This Thursday 3/4 I'll be presenting my 7th radio dance party since my events were shut down a year ago. The last big in-person dance party I threw was my annual celebration of the ladies of vintage soul - RESPECT. It was a really fun event, and I remember kind of joking on the mic that HOPEFULLY the virus won't prevent us from getting together for the April Club Nitty Gritty Party. Ha ha Ha! Hilarious joke!

But seriously, I don't think any of us knew how quickly the virus would become a threat. Certainly we didn't fully anticipate how much it would impact our lives and livelihoods.

Soon I was not only unable to produce my dance parties, OPB made the decision to no longer allow volunteers into their studios. So, I was faced with the choice of no longer doing my radio show, or taking the time to teach myself how to create shows from home using software. It was and IS still a challenge. An incredible amount of time and effort goes into making these shows from home because I don't have a studio here. I have developed time-consuming work-arounds to be able to create each episode. That's why it always means so much to receive your feedback ( in addition to it's great to have some kind of connection with the community I miss so much.

Over the past year, a few friends and followers have ALSO been kind enough to support me through either becoming one of my Patreon patrons, donating/tipping me via my website or Venmo, or buying merch via my website. I want those of you who've made that gesture to know that I deeply appreciate your support and you have helped me scrape through some of the most financially insecure periods of my life. YOUR SUPPORT REALLY MATTERS and allows me to keep putting in the work/time required to consistently deliver quality radio shows most weeks. THANK YOU

I've worked diligently over the past year to be worthy of your support, creating work that hopefully has met the moment, addressing the challenges of our times by providing perspective, motivation, physical release, and much needed escape. My aim has been to put stuff out there that will help folks cope with all the insanity from pandemic, teargas, toxic smoke, insurrection, violent white supremacists, loss of income, loss of people, loss of human connection, and loss of electricity.

So, as we round the anniversary of the dawn of the social distancing era, please hang tough and keep yourself safe so that we can all be together again on the other side of this long nightmare! I want to dance WITH you in PERSON!

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