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Learn some vintage dance steps!

It's mashed potato season! That means lots of holiday dance parties including mine at the Spare Room on December 7!

Now is the time to brush up your moves and perhaps learn some news ones!

Have you ever felt shy at a vintage soul dance party because you're unsure of how to dance to the music? Well, I'm a BIG believer in freestyle dancing (just letting the music move you) BUT I know there are people who would feel more confident if they knew a few specific steps. That's why I've put together a playlist on youtube with demos (and in some cases instructions) for many vintage dance steps including the Hully Gully, The Mashed Potato, the Funky Broadway, the Shimmy, The Watusi, The Uncle Willy, the Hitch Hike, and more.

Practicing these steps is a great way to build your confidence on the dance floor AND it's a fun way to exercise!

So put on your dancing shoes (in this case shoes that will allow you to slide a little) and get ready to move!

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