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Creating a Radio Show From Home - Pandemic Radio

If you know anyone who works in traditional radio these days, they'll be sure to tell you producing a radio show during a pandemic has proven to be quite a challenge. That's certainly what I will tell you, and if you know me, I have probably told you that a few times by now.

During normal times, I usually put in 15 to 25 volunteer hours per week doing all this things involved with making and promoting a show for KMHD. Since the quarantine began, that time has nearly doubled.

I don't have a studio, nor do I have space in my tiny apartment to set up my DJ equipment. Luckily, I had purchased a USB mic a few months ago so I could prerecord my closing remarks to leave more space for the next DJ to come in and get ready for the show that broadcasts after Travlin the Tracks.

Since I have to create a show entirely via my laptop, it creates the following extra steps each show:

  • mixing music

  • laying down voice tracks (which sometimes includes having to construct a mini studio in my tiny apartment so i can buffer outside noise). A couple of times I've recorded my voice tracks from within my car

  • trying to process my voice recordings to get them to sound loud & clear enough. I don't know what I'm doing, so this takes a long time. (and sometimes I'm not as successful as I'd like to be)

  • mixing the voice tracks in with the music

  • Exporting & uploading the large files so KMHD can grab them for broadcast

I'm attempting to keep making fresh shows for you because I know people are craving new content, but depending on the length of the quarantine, I may need to take a break here and there, so you may hear a rerun of an old Travlin' the Tracks at some point.

As you may know, the KMHD DJs who have shows in the evenings and on weekends are all volunteers. I believe there are currently four of us continuing to produce fresh shows from home during the quarantine.

Since we're unpaid, your feedback is our reward, and we love hearing from you. It's very good to know our voices are reaching people out there in seclusion.

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